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Healthy Teams, Healthy Leaders, Healthy Profits

We Help You …

  • Develop Legendary Teams
  • Retain Your Staff
  • Improve Communication
  • Integrate Multinational Teams
  • Resolve Issues
  • Celebrate Success
  • Increase Morale
  • Make Better Decisions
  • Make Work More Meaningful
  • Develop Worthy Leaders

and much more


Double the effectiveness of your training with our experiential learning techniques. Pick from our selection of training programs or have us give your content some experiential magic. See More…

Team Building

Inspire morale, motivation and momentum. Celebrate achievements. Reward Employees. Wow your guests. Fun and effective team building programs and meeting energizers with immediate bottom-line results. See More…


Achieve outstanding long-term results from team and leadership development, facilitation, strategic retreats and long-term consulting. See More…


There’s nothing more powerful than a team of committed people that share common vision, passion and goals.

We help you create enlightened leadership and legendary teamsthrough peak learning experiences, coaching and facilitation

How Do We Do It?

We give you remarkable results through a variety of programs and services ranging from fun team bonding to profound transformations, all drawing upon our 20 years of successful engagement with teams and corporations of all sizes and backgrounds. Here are the ways you can take advantage of our expertise:

Experiential Training to double your training results.
Team Building, Fun and Bonding for Morale, Motivation and Momentum.
Facilitation, Consulting & Strategic Retreats for profound results.

Legendary Teams are not created in the boardroom:

  • Intellect and logic do not rally people behind a vision.
  • Blackberries, cell phones and email do not enhance communication.
  • Insipid boardroom “feel good” meetings do not inspire heroic deeds.

Only shared challenges, triumphs and deep human to human connection, respect and caring can inspire the performance that will make your team legendary.

You can work together for years and hope this happens, or you can call us and we’ll help you get there in record time.

Count on our worldwide team of experts to help you achieve great things. As a top-notch boutique operation since 1992, we’ve been using our methodology of experiential learning, facilitation and coaching, to help organizations around the world make a difference.

We’ve built our client list by inspiring and transforming teams and leaders from the smallest firms to the largest multinationals.

Authentic, Meaningful, Memorable, and FUN.

Profound Results with Fun and Learning

Reward, Fun and Learning

With our Team Bonding programs, we work with you to choose activities and themes that support your goals. You may find yourself enjoying a “High Tech Quest”, “Corporate Kitchen Party”, “Corporate Espionage Mystery”, “Team Rhythm Session” or one of our many other fun events. For all abilities and designed to meet your needs. see more–>


How You Get Results

Our programs combine peak experiences, reflection and discussion with a healthy dose of joy and discovery. The results are transforming, fun and memorable.

We combine be best of the tried-and-true with the newest thoughts in human potential to create balanced and inspiring programs that make a difference.


Where You Can Find Us

Actually, wherever you need us, we’ll be there. We are based in Calgary, a vibrant, booming city in Western Canada, but we work around the globe with emphasis on North America, Europe and Southeast Asia.

Check out some of our favourite locations>>.


Some Ways We Can Help

  • Rally Around a Goal on a 3-day management retreat in the city or at a remote mountain lodge.
  • Build Morale and Teamworkon a 1/2 day fun “Team Quest”.
  • Learn To Thrive in Adversity with a 1-day onsite experience that is both fun and challenging.
  • Spice up a Meeting with a 1/2 hour energizer.
  • Form an Unstoppable Teamon a 1-week life-changing “contribution adventure” in a distant land.
  • Celebrate Success at an exciting evening gathering or a multi-day incentive adventure.



In this age of shrink-wrapped solutions, we present an alternative. Our programs feature resources, experts, themes and regional cuisine that give you a true feeling of connection with each other and the retreat location. You’ll come away with fond memories and a new connection with the local culture and landscape (even in your own city!) A simple piece oftimeless wisdom delivered from the heart of a native elder is likely to have more impact than the current barrage from a pop management consultant.



your group heading home feeling connected, inspired and enriched, with a wonderful sense of camaraderie and cooperation.
This experience can be yours.





Strategic Business, Team & Leadership Development

When you have a team or leadership performance issue or simply want to move your team to the next level. Our advisory team will work with you to identify the issues and outcomes and then create a customized program that ensures your success. Don’t take a chance. Put our years of hands-on experience to work for you.see more–>


Why We’re Here

Quite simply, we love seeing the results!

Corporations are one of the most powerful forces in today’s world.

We believe that by helping corporations develop a strong, healthy, people-oriented culture, we can help them achieve great profits while doing great work and contributing to the world.


What Makes us Best for You

We are a “high touch” boutique operation dedicated to designing and delivering the best possible programs.

Our core team designs a program specifically for your needs.

Then we combine our talent with experts and other resources from our extended network of trusted partners.

The result is a program that brings amazing results designed just for you. See who we are>>



We spend the time it takes to understand your current business situation and tailor-make a program that works for you. We do this with techniques ranging from telephone interviews to in-depth surveys and onsite meetings, depending on the depth of the program. We then create and deliver the program using best-of-breed techniques and resources specifically matched to your needs.



Your participants will have a meaningful experience that touches them at a deeper levelthan the traditional “motivational sugar hit”. We give your people the opportunity to truly learn about themselves. They will carry these insights forward with them in both their personal and business roles. This is the lasting legacy of an experienca program.



We’ve been doing this as an organization since 1992 and some of our experts have over30 years of experience. Having broad and deep experience, we are uniquely qualified to blend the best of many approaches. We often use urban or wilderness adventure activities to bring an extra dose of fun, challenge and memorability into the experience. Our experience ranges from small local companies to the largest multinationals.

We’d love to customize something just for you!
Call us today to learn how to get your team out of the “bored room”.

We look forward to meeting you.

In Success,

Trent Schumann


International: +1 403.270.0000
North America: 1 800.269.8735