The stage for this was an insurance company's yearly independent broker conference.

Under increasing pressure from new players such as banks and direct sellers, the brokers were unsure of their future. The company was hoping to raise morale and introduce a new, simplified quoting manual for brokers.

Our job was to create a two-hour program that addressed these issues and provided a fun meeting break.

We started with the "High-Tech Quest" and built a theme around it. It went like this:

Fire and flood had recently ravaged the forests of Banff. The wildlife had it's homes destroyed in the carnage.  Thankfully, they were all insured!  Unfortunately, however, they had gone "cheap" and were insured by direct sellers and banks. They were now not getting the service they were entitled to. To save face, the insurance industry had sent in the independent brokers to assess the situation and help out.

The brokers were given the task of finding the locations of the homes and assessing the damage. The only guidance they had were scraps of messages and cryptic notes that washed a down the river from the disaster site. These clues helped them find the locations.

To find the locations, brokers used their wits along with compass skills, radio homing beacons, dead reckoning and other clues in the forest. These locations were actual homes of the area's animals such as woodpecker holes, ground squirrel burrows, elk bedding sites and so on.

To incorporate the new manual into the activities, we designed it so that the brokers needed to furnish new insurance quotes for the various creatures.  A ground squirrel burrow was the equivalent of a three-bedroom bungalow and so on.

Along the way, they also participated in challenge activities such as a mock rescue of an injured companion and a crossing of flooded ground.

Done in the form of a friendly competition, teams gained points by discovering the locations and answering questions about the area.

We left behind a group of happy, excited brokers ready to get into the next round of meetings with a new sense of optimism and confidence.

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