Every company is different, so we customize each program to meet your specific needs.

In the design process, we create and customize new approaches as well as drawing from our large repertoire of tried and tested methods.

Here are some examples to show you how it works:

Insurance Company Teambuilding Training

An insurance company was hosting their yearly independent broker conference.  The independent brokers were under increasing pressure from new players in the insurance industry such as banks and direct sellers.  The insurance company was hoping to raise morale and introduce a new, simplified quoting manual for their brokers.

Pharmaceutical Company 5-day Team Development Retreat

A pharmaceutical company was bringing together their newly formed sales team for a 5-day retreat to develop trust, build rapport and strategize for the coming year. The sales manager wanted a retreat in an exclusive lodge where they wouldn't be disturbed by other guests. To start the retreat, he wanted to have an outdoor adventure that would completely wow them. We chose a remote mountain lodge in the Canadian Rockies and took them on a spectacular heli-hiking adventure.

General Electric Sales Team 1/2 day Team Bonding

This small group of 10 from GE was having a meeting in Vancouver.

Since this workgroup is geographically spread throughout North America, the manager decided that she would like to have a teambuilding session where participants would get to know each other and develop greater mutual understanding and respect.

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