High ROI Team Building Programs

Offered through my Mountainquest.ca site.

Below is a brief overview of the team building fun and bonding events that I offer through my other website over at MountainQuest.ca

Of course, my MountainQuest events also benefit from my many years of consulting, coaching and facilitating. With this expertise, they are designed to create results that the average team building event just can't match. 

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It has never been more important to invest in staff morale and productivity.

Our range of MountainQuest morale and productivity-boosting events provide a refreshingly new and creative approach. Since we deliver programs around the world, our events are portable and make wonderful use of local themes, materials, and locations.

There are various levels of theming, customization and facilitation to match almost any budget.

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If you're looking for something deeper and customized to achieve your business results, check out my  Experienca Consulting, Facilitation and Coaching service.

Don't Worry About Buy-In

Our new clients often worry that their people will not "buy in" to the team building experience (they tell us they've had bad experiences from less experienced providers in the past). You need not worry. 

What they find is that our programs are sophisticated, insightful, highly engaging and a lot of fun for everyone. Every one of our programs benefits from our many years of experience in facilitation, team development, leadership training and organizational effectiveness consulting.

We are not an event company masquerading as a team building organization. We're the real thing. You will get long-lasting results.

Why Take Advantage of MountainQuest Experiential Team Building Programs?

"You can learn more about a man in an hour of play, than in a year of conversation."


That quote sums up what many of our clients say. They are always amazed by how much they can learn about each other as people. Their strengths, joys, needs, challenges and more. This fosters understanding, respect, collaboration and true teamwork.

In our programs, participants learn more, retain more and become more because the learning and insights are attached to the memorable experiences that are part of the process. The experiences provide practical demonstrations of the concepts of teamwork, leadership, cooperation, respect, and fun.

We have 20 years of experience in the field and have worked with 100's of clients. With us, you'll have the advantage of years of experience complemented by the newest, innovative techniques available.

Some of our programs:

Meeting Energizers

When you just need a break from “one of those meetings”.

Tell us the purpose of your meeting and we’ll tailor the event. We have activities that illustrate customer service, sales effectiveness, teamwork, communication and many other topics.

Hi-Tech Quest

Navigate and find challenges with instructions, clues and radio homing beacons.

New Games Tournament

Teams rotate through several team initiative challenges in an indoor or outdoor setting.

Lumberjack Games

Good traditional fun involving log sawing, log toss, canoe drag and other fun and safe “Northwoods” activities.

Lost: Surviving a Crash

As in the hit TV series, “Lost”, you must cooperate to find equipment and create a survival plan. 

Team Amazing Quest

You’ve seen it on TV. Now you can do it with your team. Navigation, challenges and great fun and learning.

Hi-Tech Team Challenge Quest

This is like the Hi-Tech Quest on steroids, with facilitated team initiative challenges.

Mystery Boxes

Can you figure out what it takes to move the boxes from one location to another without “setting them off”?


Using compasses, your wits, and other clues, you navigate through a route. Surprises along the way.

Team Rhythm

Find your team pulse with an amazing drumming session. You’ll marvel at what you can accomplish.

Heli Quest

Each team receives helicopter time and a series of tasks to complete at different locations. But they must share helicopter minutes to achieve maximum results. Can they do it?

Corporate Espionage Mystery

Clues, crime scenes, logic and intuition. Can you solve the mystery in time?

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